• Egypt’s Personal Data Protection Law - An Employment & HR Perspective

    Posted in News on Feb 28, 2021

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    The Egyptian Data Protection Law No. 151/2020 (the “Law”) came into effect in October 2020. The executive regulation of the Law is expected to be issued by April 2021. Companies are given twelve 12-month grace period from the date of the executive regulations to fully comply with the Law.

    Companies, however, are required to immediately adhere to a proper data protection compliance system with respect to personal data they collect or process. Employees’ data is an extremely significant part that must not be overlooked when setting up a data protection compliance system.

    In this note we will ...

  • Covid-19 Update – January 2021

    Posted in News on Jan 10, 2021

    With the outbreak of the second wave of Covid-19 in Egypt, the government has issued a number of decisions and adopted certain measures to prevent the spread of virus.

    Banking Sector

    The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) decided a number of measures aiming at facilitating online transactions and reducing dealings with cash.


    Posted in News on Jan 03, 2021

    Legal Updates

  • Reconstitution of the National Council for Salaries – A Step towards Setting a Minimum Salary for Private Sector Employees

    Posted in News on Jan 03, 2021

    The National Council for Salaries (the “Council”) was first constituted in 2003 in accordance with Article (34) of the Egyptian Labor Law No. 12/2003. The Council is competent to determine the minimum salaries and the annual increments of private sector employees.

  • Riad & Riad represents the Italian energy group Eni in the significant deal to reopen Egypt’s Dammietta LNG plant

    Posted in News on Jan 02, 2021

    Riad & Riad represents the Italian energy group Eni in the significant deal reached with Spanish gas firm Naturgy and Egyptian partners to resolve disputes over Damietta liquefaction plant in Egypt. The agreements reached pave the way for the restart of the Damietta plant as stated by Eni in a statement on 1 December 2020

  • Riad & Riad won a claim against the Egyptian Notary Public for the refund of unduly collected notarization fees

    Posted in News on Dec 28, 2020

    Riad & Riad has successfully represented a leading multinational food manufacturing company in connection with a claim against the Egyptian Notary Public Authority for the refund of unduly collected Notarization Fee. The Claim was initiated before the Investment Dispute Resolution Committee

  • Egypt – New Law Regulating Advertisement in Public Roads

    Posted in News on Dec 26, 2020


    A new law is issued in Egypt regulating the Advertisements on Public Roads (the “Law”). The Law comes under No. 208 for 2020 and comes into effective as of 2 December 2020.

  • Egypt’s New Unified Tax Procedures Law

    Posted in News on Dec 26, 2020

    On 19 October 2020, the Unified Tax Procedures Law No. 206 of 2020 (the “Law”) was issued to introduce unified tax procedures or assessment and collection of the direct and indirect taxes. The Law also establishes the legal basis for the transformation to the new tax e-system and aligns with the current dynamic digital economy.

  • Egypt– New Approval Required for Government Contracts and Arbitration Agreements

    Posted in News on Dec 26, 2020

    The Prime Ministerial issued Decree 2592 of 2020 (“Decree”) to prohibit all governmental entities and state-owned companies from concluding any contract with a foreign investor or agreeing to arbitrate without first referring the matter to the Higher Authority for Studying and Opining on International Arbitration Cases (“Authority”).

  • مطلوب محامي مقبول أمام محاكم الاستئناف

    Posted in News on Oct 26, 2020

    يعلن مكتب رياض ورياض للمحاماة والاستشارات القانونية عن حاجته لمحامِ مقيد أمام محاكم الاستئناف.