• Egypt FiT Program – Winning Developers in Round 1 Announced

    Posted in News on Mar 06, 2017

    The Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) has finally announced the developers who succeeded to achieve financial closure under Round 1 of the feed-in tariff program in Benban, in Upper Egypt. The developers are FAS Energy, Infinite and Elf...Riad & Riad is proud to be part of the success as it acts as the legal advisor of FAS Energy, one of the winners.

  • Opportunities And Challenges In Egypt’s New Industrial Zones

    Posted in News on Mar 06, 2017

    In a roundtable organized by the British Egyptian Business Association, our partner, Dr. Fatma Salah, spoke about the regulatory challenges facing the manufacturing sector in Egypt.

  • FiT Program – Round II

    Posted in News on Feb 21, 2017

    The Feed-in-Tariff Unit at the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) invited qualified developers of PV and wind projects yesterday, 20 February 2017, to discuss and coordinate for Round II of the FiT program. R&R was attending the meeting and is happy to summarise its minutes

  • تعديل أحكام قانون إنشاء لجان التوفيق في المنازعات

    Posted in News on Feb 16, 2017

    أصدر مجلس الشعب بتاريخ بتاريخ 5 فبراير 2016 القانون رقم 6 لسنة 2017 بشأن تعديل مواد القانون رقم 7 لسنة 2000 والصادر بإنشاء لجان التوفيق في المنازعات التي تكون الوزارات والأشخاص الاعتبارية العامة طرفًا فيها.

  • January 2017 Newsletter

    Posted in News on Jan 25, 2017

    Legal Updates and Riad and Riad news.

  • Riad and Riad Participates in the Discussion of the New Draft Labor Law

    Posted in News on Jan 24, 2017

    A draft new law on labor and employment is under discussion by the Government to replace the current Labor Law no. 12 for 2003.

  • Harsher Penalties for Using Foreign Currency in Local Dealings

    Posted in News on Jan 24, 2017

    Article (126) of the Central Bank and Banking Sectors Law no. 88/2003 (Banking Law) was amended to impose harsher penalties for violations of the requirement to deal in EGP locally.

  • Amendment to the Tenders and Bids Law

    Posted in News on Jan 24, 2017

    In response to price increases resulted from free floating the Egyptian currency last November, the Minister of Finance issued Decree No. 426 of 2016 to amend the Executive Regulation of the Tenders and Bids Law.

  • The Establishment of the National Food Safety Authority

    Posted in News on Jan 24, 2017

    The first law issued by the Parliament in 2017 is a long-waited one establishing a central regulatory authority to be responsible for food safety, it is the National Food Safety Authority (NFSA).

  • Rules of Free Allocation of Industrial Land Plots in Upper Egypt

    Posted in News on Jan 23, 2017

    On 5 January 2017, the Prime Minister issued decree no. 42 of 2017 determining the technical and financial requirements that must be met by a qualified investor to receive free industrial lands in Upper Egypt.