New Egyptian Sports Law is Issued

On 31 May 2017, the new Sports Law no. 71 of 2017 was issued to regulate the sports’ activities in Egypt (the “Sports Law”).

The Sports Law replaces all sports provisions stipulated in Law no. 77 of 1975 regulating the National Bodies for Youth and Sports’ Care and also cancels any other contradictory provisions.

The new Law provides for the first time for the establishment of a dispute resolution center called “the Egyptian Center for Sports Settlement and Arbitration” which shall be competent to settle all sports disputes arising from the implementation of the new Sports Law through mediation, conciliation or arbitration.

The center is also competent to settle all disputes arising from the interpretation or execution of all sports contracts, including but not limited to, television broadcasting contracts for matches and other sports competitions, sponsorship contracts of professional players and coaches’ contracts.

The Law recognizes investment in sports’ filed through establishing joint stock company which its shares could be offered for public subscription and be listed in the Egyptian Stock Exchange.

Sports’ clubs are allowed to establish branches thereto according to the provisions of their articles of associations.

The Sports Law also controls the spectators’ behavior before, during and after the sports activities. It criminalizes all types of illegal behavior which were recently spreading and adversely affecting the sports’ activities in Egypt. For instance, the Law imposes serious penalties on whoever enter or try to enter, illegally, the place where the sports activities are performed.

In the same context, the Law criminalizes all types of assault, defamation and insult, whether verbally or physically, on any natural or legal persons during the performance of the sports’ activities or in the occasion thereof. Added to that, it imposes penalties on any person who threaten players, coaches and referees to compel them to refrain from participating in sports’ activities or influencing the result of the game.

Also, entrance of drugs, fireworks and all other tools which could harm peoples or properties to the sports places are criminalized as well as illegal marketing of tickets and the establishment of illegal groups or entities

Posted in News on Jun 15, 2017