Corporate and Merger & Acquisition

We provide legal advice to leading global and domestic corporations, investment banks, private equity providers and state entities from all industry sectors, in relation to their corporate activity in Egypt.

Our Services Cover
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – public & private.
  • Strategic investments.
  • Restructurings.
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital.
  • Shareholders agreements, joint ventures and partnerships.
  • Company Law, Listing Rules, Takeover Rules Stock exchange rules.
  • Liquidations and exit plans. Shareholders rights.
  • Directors’ liabilities and obligations.
  • Corporate establishing.
  • Compliance, disclosures and corporate governance.

Sample of Recent Experience
  • Share Acquisition: Advising a Chinese state-owned company in its prospective acquisition of 7% of shares of an Egyptian port. The value of the transaction is around USD 50 million.
  • Restructuring:Providing legal advice to one of the global security services companies in the restructuring of its companies in Egypt after the promulgation of a new law on security services prohibiting foreign ownership of security services companies. Our team conducted a thorough due diligence of all the assets and liabilities of the companies and its ownership documents and the drafting of all contracts for the purchase and sale of the companies’ assets, and the transfer of the contracts with its clients and suppliers and the transfer of 3000 employees.
  • Assets Purchase Transactions:advising Sany Holdings, a leading international company and the sixth largest heavy industry manufacturer in the world and the first in China, to acquire two of the wind energy projects launched by the National Renewable Energy Authority in Egypt under the feed-in-tariff program. We have drafted the share purchase agreements and the financial facilities, as well as assisted in drafting and reviewing the shareholders’ agreements, and advised on the proposed amendments to the Articles of Association and Commercial Registers of the companies.
  • Share Acquisitions:advising investors from Saudi Arabia to sell their stake in Biofarm Pharmaceutical Industries; including preparation of the contracts of the purchase and sale of shares, the exit process, and providing advice on priority rights, change of control of the company, and the terms and conditions of selling pharmaceutical companies in Egypt.
  • Voluntary LiquidationAdvising and representing Indo British Garments Egypt Co. in the process of the voluntary liquidation of the company. The company operates according to the General Free Zone system in Ismailia, and specialized in the manufacture of the garments and its accessories, the company was owned by a group of Indian and British companies. Our team prepared the due diligence report and prepared the necessary documents for the minutes of the General Assembly meeting to vote for the liquidation decision.We have also appointed the liquidator and determined his mission and liaised with competent authorities of taxes and customs as well as labor and social insurance offices to clear/settle the company’s liabilities in preparation for its liquidation.
  • Privatization of Public Companies –our partners’ experience includs representing the Korean Company - DIB Egypt in the acquisition process of the textile factory in Mustard Shoubra Al-Kheima Al-Qalioubia which is an affiliate of the Industrial Silk and Cotton Shops Company (ESCO) as part of the privatization program.