Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Riad&Riad has a specialized Arbitration and Dispute Resolution team. Team members have extensive experience in handling high-value ad hoc as well as institutional arbitration with major institutes and rules including, ICC, ICSID, DIAC and CRCIRA. The team has also expansive experience in handling complex disputes in many different sectors and on a cross-border basis.

Our litigation department is equipped with a team of licensed lawyers. The head of our litigation team has an experience of 35 years in commercial and administrative litigation and advocacy practice. We have handled and continue to handle significant numbers of cases before Egyptian Courts; including the Supreme Constitutional Court, the Court of Cassation and the State Council courts. Our litigation team has unique knowledge of local culture and practices of Egyptian judicial system.

We handle complex litigation with high value and high profile disputes involving high strategic advice, multiple practice specialties and cross border proceedings. Our litigation team has strong capabilities to provide wide variety of services, including:

  • Prepare pre-trial careful assessment of the value and merits of a dispute to advice the client on the strengths and weaknesses of each side and the proper strategy to deploy.
  • Assist in the settlement negotiations and arrangements for certain lawsuits/ disputes.
  • Handle lawsuits during the trial stage up until the issuance of final/enforceable judgments. This will include preparing statement of claims, all memoranda and briefs, attending court hearings, attending before court appointed experts, and preparing expert opinions.
  • Provide oversight, direction and tactical planning by lead experienced trial lawyers, while delegating relevant tasks to the team in a cost effective way.
  • Provide timely and precise communication about upcoming events, deadlines, needed documents/information and allowing for enough time to juggle the schedules, and do all of that in light of the pace of each lawsuit.
  • Provide regular litigation update reports.